With the passage of time, it does appear that dreams have become a whole lot accessible. In the digital era that we live in, nothing is out of reach

For instance, let us talk about movies. There was a time when a lot had to be done if you wanted to watch a particular movie. You would need to head out to a movie store and pray that the movie you want to see is available. However, things have become more manageable and feasible with the option of online movie streaming. If you are interested than you can stream the movie here on 123movieshub.

Everything is available for you to see with the help of a few clicks. Whether it is a movie that released just recently or it is one that saw the light of the day years ago, you can access it all with ease.

It is not just movies that you get to see online. You can also enjoy your favorite television series, reality shows and a lot more by streaming online

Majors & Minors- the singing sensation

Few years ago, a singing reality show won millions of hearts around the world. A major reason for is popularity was that it gave wings to dreams of aspiring singers. It gave a life to the young singers who were looking to make a name and earn recognition for their singing talent.

The show which premiered in 2011 on The Hub is an American singing competition. It featured contestants within the age group of 8 to 16 years. The winner was provided with the opportunity to embark his professional signing journey with the RCA Music Group by Sony. BMI also played an integral role in the show

The young aspirants

The contestants who took part in the show include

  • Grace Jeanette aged 11 years
  • Sabrina Lentini aged 13 years
  • Ashley Nicole Greene aged 10 years
  • Austin Crute aged 15 years
  • Emily Kocontes aged 16 years
  • Nia Holloway aged 15 years
  • Kennedy Nöel aged 13 years
  • Hailey Dibiasi aged 14 years
  • Michael Woodard aged 14 years
  • Josh Metzler aged 15 years
  • Brandon Arreaga aged 11 years
  • Cameron defaria aged 14 years

Among these, it was Michael Woodard from Philadelphia who managed to take the crown home

The mentors

The celebrities who graced the show as mentors include

  • Evan Bogart
  • David Quinones
  • Joby Harte
  • Paul Mirkovich
  • Debra Byrd
  • Alex Larson

Believing in your dreams

If there is one thing that the show teaches us, it is that those who believe in dreams never fail. It is never too early to run after your desires. If you are truly set on your aspirations, the universe will come together to take you to your destination

Therefore, take a look at the show and prepare to be inspired. You would not be able to resist applauding these youngsters and their talent. These kids teach us how important it is to believe in yourself

With online streaming, viewing the show is not something for which you would need to face any trouble. Thus, take a look at everything that it has to offer